New Cutting Capabilities!

Denver Rubber Company has a new 5-Axis waterjet, which cuts aluminum, cast iron, composites, and even metal.


Servicing OEM’s since 1972, Denver Rubber Company is one of the nation’s leading distributors in mass produced hose assemblies.

Custom Gaskets, Seals and Hose Assemblies

Denver Rubber Company Designs Products and Services Exclusively for Industrial OEMs

Custom Contract Manufacturing

Denver Rubber Company Offers Custom Contract Manufacturing

Custom Gaskets, Seals, and Hose Assemblies

Products and Services Designed Exclusively for Industrial OEMs


Since 1972, Denver Rubber Company (DRC) has supplied industrial original equipment manufacturers with custom gaskets and seals, custom hose assemblies and contract manufacturing services. Our design and manufacturing expertise, innovative solutions and fast turnaround provide customers with highly-engineered custom parts for even the most demanding industrial applications.

Our inventory of high-quality materials and design and fabrication capabilities allow us to manufacture products that meet your exacting applications in the quantity you need, from short-run prototypes to large-quantity production runs.

Denver Rubber Company values every customer relationship and serves every client, no matter how large or small, with the highest-quality products and services. We work with you every step of the way and manage the custom manufacturing process from start to finish.

ISO Certification

Our ISO 9001: 2015 certification ensures we meet the world’s most demanding design and manufacturing standards, again and again.

For nearly 50 years original equipment manufacturers have relied on Denver Rubber Company for high-quality, highly-engineered products and professional services. Rest assured, we’ll get the job done right.


Denver Rubber Company’s services are specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial OEMs.

Design Support and Materials Selection

DRC can work with an existing design or our experts can design a custom gasket, seal or extruded rubber product that meets your needs. We can also reproduce parts from a physical sample. Simply provide us with a sample part and our high-powered camera will scan the sample to create an accurate digital file for our cutting machines.

Our full-service product design support includes:

  • Material selection
  • Initial product design and conceptual drawings
  • Product design prototypes
  • Tooling acquisition

Custom Contract Manufacturing

DRC offers on-demand and cost-effective manufacturing solutions to meet the specific needs of OEM customers. Our equipment and technology provide efficient, precision manufacturing capabilities in quantities from prototype through high-volume production.

Thank You for Hustling!

“Forgot to let you know sooner, we’ve been crazy busy. Thank all of you for hustling and getting us out of a tight spot. You’d be amazed how hard it is to find people to cut little rubber pieces for us. Everything you sent looks great!”

– Vince Gaines, Hipplock


Denver Rubber Company provides leading industrial OEMs with the products and services they need when they need them.

Industrial Gaskets & Seals

DRC’s industry knowledge, expertise and commitment to excellence make us the best source for your custom cutting needs. Our capabilities allow us to manufacture gaskets and seals in a wide range of materials and thicknesses. No matter your application or industry, DRC is your first choice for custom-cut gaskets and seals.

Gasket & Seal Materials Include:

Paper, Plastic, MIL-spec and commercial grade rubber, Compressed sheeting, Fibrous materials, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Titanium, Steel alloys

DRC sets the standard. We ensure each hose assembly confirms to exacting standards.

Industrial Hose Assemblies

DRC is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial hoses and hose assemblies. We incorporate the highest levels of design, quality control and testing in every product we make to meet your exacting standards. We’re here to help. Contact us to learn about our services.

Industries Served

DRC works with OEMs in a wide range of industries including:

Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Food and Beverage, Medical, Oil & Gas, Military, Transportation, Electronics, Utilities and many more.

Find out how we can meet your needs with custom gaskets, seals and hose assemblies.

Wonderful Job!

“We at ITN Energy would like to express our many THANKS to you and your crew for the wonderful job you are doing for us. We appreciate the continuing effort to help us maintain our VERY CRITICAL schedule. I wish more of our Vendors were as dedicated as you all are. Your people deserve a great big thank you.”

– Roberta King, ITN Energy Systems, Inc.

Manufacturing Materials

Denver Rubber Company stocks a full line of high-quality industrial-grade materials. Our extensive material inventory assures a quick turn-around in most applications. If we do not stock a material you need, we can help you get it.

Rubber & Elastomeric

Denver Rubber Company offers economical solutions to any sheet rubber and elastomerics challenges at a cost effective price.

Felt & Fiber

At Denver Rubber Company, the manufacturing of felt and fiber custom gaskets is one of our areas of expertise. We are innovators in the industry due to our depth of knowledge.

Rubber Seals & Gaskets

Denver Rubber Company endeavors to provide the highest quality packings, gaskets and sealing products. With more than 30 years of experience serving a diverse line of industries.

Sponge & Foam

Denver Rubber Company (DRC) is a custom gasket manufacturer and sponge/foam supplier to a diverse field of industrial and OEM markets.


An innovator in the manufacturing of custom plastic gaskets and seals, our research and development has provided us the knowledge to manufacture in a variety of materials.


DRC designs and manufactures metallic gaskets often used in a diverse line of industries including transportation, technology, heavy/light manufacturing and more.

Applications and Capabilities

Denver Rubber Company provides cost-effective and on-demand custom contract manufacturing and parts fabrication in quantities from prototype to high-volume production. We use the latest technologies to ensure performance, accuracy and quality.

Our high-tech manufacturing capabilities include:

Assembly, Slitting, CNC router, Preco, Waterjet cutting, Die cutting, Hand cutting, Foam cutting, Lathe cutting, Laser cutting, Dieless CAD cutting, Plasma cutting, Custom cut rolls, Kiss cutting, Roll cutting, Stripping, PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) application.

Denver Rubber Company has the capabilities to make your next product. Performance you can count on.

Much Appreciated

“We received the shipment of Dragonfly’s yesterday and I want to thank you for the care and attention that was paid to this order. Everything arrived on time, intact and the order looks really great. Thank you again for your efforts. They are very much appreciated.”

– Sylva Hamilton, Theratogs


Denver Rubber Company delivers the high-quality parts industrial OEMs rely on, when they need them at competitive prices. Every project is supported with our rigorous quality approval process. We’re not happy until you are…

Denver-Rubber-Production Team

DRC Quality Approval Process:

  • Customer approves initial design
  • Material inspection by DRC inspector prior to manufacturing
  • Quality inspection of first run of article by DRC inspector
  • Upon passing DRC quality inspection, first article is approved by customer
  • Quality inspection during production by DRC
  • Final approval by operator during and at conclusion of production

We tailor our services to meet your needs, delivering products on time and on budget. Our world-class equipment, ISO certified processes and robust tracking system provide you with parts that meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn how we can serve you.

Our Longstanding Commitment to Denver Rubber Company Customers

For nearly 50 years, DRC has helped our OEM customers transform their ideas into finished products. 

Our skilled product development, design, and manufacturing teams will work with you to design a new part, duplicate an existing part or modify a part to meet your exacting needs at a cost-effective price. Since its founding by Tom Jones in 1972, Denver Rubber Company has been family-run. In 2005, Tom’s son Al Jones took over the helm at DRC. Al’s more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry transformed Denver Rubber Company into a technology-driven, leading manufacturer.

Today, Tom’s granddaughter Kelly Golding leads the company as CEO, continuing a tradition of family-run ownership, management and commitment to quality. Kelly continues to follow Tom’s philosophy that every customer is a treasured relationship and every team member is family. Since 1972 OEM customers have relied on Denver Rubber Company to provide them with the high-quality products they need. You can too. Contact us today to learn more.

How Can Denver Rubber Company Serve You?

Let us know how we can help you with your industrial OEM gasket, seal and hose assembly needs.

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