New Cutting Capabilities!

Our new 5-Axis waterjet cuts aluminum, cast iron, composites, and even metal.


Servicing OEM’s since 1972, we are one of the nation’s leading distributors in mass produced
hose assemblies.

Custom Gaskets, Seals and Hose Assemblies

Products and Services Designed Exclusively for Industrial OEMs




1000 plus Industries Served

As one of the nation’s leading industrial product and fabrication companies, Denver Rubber Company (DRC) provides custom contract manufacturing and is the go-to provider of custom industrial products, parts fabrication and assembly. As an ISO certified company, our expert engineering and production staffs offer an on-demand and cost-effective solution for our OEM customers’ needs. With customers ranging from floor care products to the aerospace industry, our equipment and technology provide efficient, precision manufacturing capabilities to in quantities from prototype through high-volume production.


CNC Router

DRC has fabricated custom gaskets and seals since 1972. Our precision dieless and die based cutters are able to cut a wide range of materials including aluminum, composites, metal, plastic, rubber, stainless steel, titanium and other steel alloys in a variety of thicknesses.
Our industrial gaskets division stocks a wide variety of quality materials ranging from paper to plastic, MIL-Spec rubber to commercial grade rubber, and compressed gasket sheeting to fibrous material. Our industry knowledge, expertise and commitment to excellence make us the best source for your OEM custom
cutting needs.


Custom Hose Assemblies

Denver Rubber Company has serviced OEMs for nearly 50 years. We are one of the nation’s leading hose manufacturers and distributors in mass produced hose assemblies. DRC’s custom industrial hose assembly products include fire fittings, hydraulic fittings, vacuum fittings, nozzles, spray guns, clamps, ferrules and hose couplings made from a variety of materials, with selection depending on application. Metals include aluminum, brass, zinc plated steel, zinc plated iron, stainless steel and plain steel. DRC incorporates the highest level of design, quality control and testing in every product we make.

The New High-Tech
WaterJet Cutter are up and running!

Our New Waterjet Cutter up and running

Denver Rubber Company is pleased to announce its new 5-axis waterjet cutter. The new 5-Axis cutter is a revolutionary leap in waterjet cutting technology. It incorporates the traditional X-axis (back and forth), Y-axis (left and right) and Z-axis (up and down) of older waterjet cutters and adds a second A -axis that angles the cutting head from the perpendicular and a C-axis that rotates around the Z-axis.

Unlike typical heat cutting methods, waterjet cutting doesn’t cause steel to distort or change the molecular structure in alloy materials. It also eliminates or greatly reduces slag and damaged material and produces a product with minimal to no burring.

Waterjet cutting is an environmental friendly alternative to traditional molding and laser cutting. The waterjet is faster than conventional cutting tools, provides stress-free cutting with no heat affected zones, no hardening and can cut virtually any material, from composites, to Kevlar, Teflon, and metal.


Stretch Your Imagination

Denver Rubber Company’s 32,000-foot production floor features five knife cutters, three waterjets, two beam presses, two clicker presses and one Preco CNC Router and slitter. Our fabrication capabilities represent the optimal in dieless cutting and punching technology for all of your custom products.

Our automated cutting systems provide extreme precision and repeatability, to within +/- 0.15mm on most materials. Our advanced computer-assisted design nesting software maximizes yields and significantly reduces expensive material waste.

The DRC team leverages their expertise, industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology to deliver OEM clients with exceptional custom industrial rubber and non-metallic parts, when they need them and in the amount they need.

Denver Rubber Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing cut rubber, foam and elastomeric products and custom cutting of foam and packaging parts.

Floor Care Industry Expertise

DRC also manufactures and distributes OEM hoses, hose fittings and specialty cut products for the floor care industry. In addition to designing and fabricating custom non-metallic parts for industrial and commercial applications, DRC is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers/distributors of commercial OEM floor care aftermarket products.

Offering the Best Solutions

The development and design team at Denver Rubber Company is continuously researching and evaluating new materials to ensure we supply the best solution for your application. We offer continuous design support to engineers and equipment designers, from conceptual drawings through the prototype phase and tooling acquisition and ending in full production. Our extensive inventory of raw materials assures a quick turn-around in most applications.







Uncompromising Quality and Service you can count on

Back in 1972, Tom Jones founded Denver Rubber Company in an 800 square foot, oddly shaped little building, where he exclusively manufactured rubber hoses. He built DRC on the philosophy that every customer is a relationship to be treasured and every team member is family. Tom’s son Al Jones took the helm in 2005 and today, Tom’s granddaughter Kelly Golding carries on his legacy as Denver Rubber Company’s CEO.

Driven by Al’s ten-plus years in the IT industry and his passion for technology, DRC has grown into a technology driven, leading manufacturer of industrial rubber and gasket products. Kelly and Al continue DRC’s client-first approach. “We are not just gasket makers,” Kelly says. “We believe in quality products and quality service. At DRC, every customer is a committed relationship - and that will never change.”

The DRC team leverages their expertise, industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology to deliver OEM clients with exceptional custom industrial rubber and non-metallic parts, when they need them and in the amount they need. No job is too complex. Through years of hard work and commitment, DRC has become an industry leader and one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of mass-produced hose assemblies in the country.

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