micro cellular rubber


Micro Cellular rubber is a product created from Urethane. The advantages of this material are its shock absorption, superior compression set, density, flame resistance, and ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures. Micro-Cellular Foam is typically used for battery pads, work gloves, spring connectors, and other projects.

Microcellular rubber are designed to contain billions of tiny gas bubbles that are less than 50 microns (thus the name “microcellular”) in size. These foams are produced by dissolving  gases in varying amounts into the polymer under high pressure.



  • Offer excellent compression set resistance
  • Are highly resilient and will not collapse even after repeated opening and closing
  • Seal out moisture and are resistant to oils, greases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Noise isolation at high frequencies and vibration isolation at large amplitude and low frequencies
  • Maintain flexibility even in extreme conditions
  • Exhibit low outgassing and non-fogging properties



The stability of micro cellular rubber makes it effective in many applications such as automotive, electronics, industrial goods, medical and safety equipment. Microcellular urethane is often added to protect electronic devices from shock, such as a dropped cell phone.

Micro Cellular

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