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Denver Rubber Company (DRC) is a custom gasket manufacturer and sponge/foam supplier to a diverse field of industrial and OEM markets.

DRC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintains one of the most extensive inventories in the industry. Operating since 1972, we continue to build upon our reputation of excellence & customer service. Our highly trained staff is readily available to assist you. We are deadline driven and strive to ensure the most cost-effective solution for your applications. Furthermore, we are able to custom design and manufacture foam gaskets products to your exact specifications with our innovative capabilities

Open-cell foams contain pores that are connected to each other and form an interconnected network that is relatively soft. Open-cell foams will fill with whatever they are surrounded with. If filled with air, a relatively good insulator is the result, but if the open cells fill with water, insulation properties would be reduced. Foam rubber is a type of open-cell foam.

Foams can be used for light duty sealing applications such as light and dust seals, cushioning, sound and vibrations dampening and thermal insulation.

The DRC sales team specializes in helping you select the right materials for your sponge and foam needs. Contact us today to discuss your specific application.

Rubber & Elastomeric Sheeting

Denver Rubber Company offers economical solutions to any sheet rubber and elastomerics challenges at a cost effective price.

Felts & FIbers

At Denver Rubber Company, the manufacturing of felt and fiber custom gaskets is one of our areas of expertise. We are innovators in the industry due to our depth of knowledge.

Rubber Seals & Gaskets

Denver Rubber Company endeavors to provide the highest quality packings, gaskets and sealing products. With more than 30 years of experience serving a diverse line of industries.

Sponge & Foam

Denver Rubber Company (DRC) is a custom gasket manufacturer and sponge/foam supplier to a diverse field of industrial and OEM markets.


An innovator in the manufacturing of custom plastic gaskets and seals, our research and development has provided us the knowledge to manufacture in a variety of materials.


DRC designs and manufactures metallic gaskets often used in a diverse line of industries including transportation, technology, heavy/light manufacturing and more.

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