Managing Today’s Supply Chain Issues

Most of you are aware of the supply chain problems that are occurring around the world. You may be wondering if Denver Rubber Company (DRC) is having any difficulties obtaining materials to manufacture industrial gaskets and hose assemblies.

The good news is that despite supply chain problems, we have been able to maintain a robust inventory of the materials you need for your custom industrial gaskets and hose assemblies. Our strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers are keeping us stocked with popular materials.

A Major Headache

Today’s supply chain issues illustrate just how complicated and interwoven the global supply chain is. Production shutdowns caused by COVID-19 resulted in shortages of many crucial supplies.

Now, as the economy begins to rebound and production resumes, cargo ships and ports are unable to keep pace with the demand, resulting in ships loaded with crucial supplies sitting offshore for days and weeks waiting to get into port to unload.

Add to this a growing shortage of shipping containers and you have the makings of a major supply chain headache.

Staying Ahead of Issues

At DRC we’re actively working with our suppliers and customers to stay ahead of supply chain problems. Here are some of the steps we’re taking.

  • We communicate with our suppliers often and are informed of any possible disruptions to getting the supplies of materials you rely on. This allows us to stay on top of our orders and pre-order early if materials are expected to be in tight demand later.
  • We communicate with our customers. We’ll keep you notified about the status of your orders and let you know about any anticipated issues before they occur and offer solutions.
  • We remain flexible. Our constant production method ensures efficient and cost-effective production and increases production flexibility. We can adjust our manufacturing schedules to stay productive.

Working Together in Partnership

To help you get the products you need, when you need them, you may consider forecasting your product needs for the next 90 to 120 days. Anticipating you needs well ahead of time will help us pre-order your materials and ensure we have the materials in stock to complete your order.

Keep in mind that if a material isn’t available alternative materials are often available that will provide the performance you need. Our expert designers can help you choose the right material and suggest high-performing alternatives if necessary. We’ll work with you to create a design and select a material that provides optimum performance.

Our team of experts has the knowledge to provide the right solutions to meet your gasket, seal or extruded rubber needs.

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