Company Values, Vision, Mission, & Strategy

Learn About DRC’s Company Values, Vision, Mission, & Strategy

DRC Company Values, Mission, and Strategy

Below are our DRC’s vision, mission, strategy and company values.


To acquire and maintain national leadership position in our chosen areas of business.
To continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic businesses.
To be among the top 10 most admired companies in Colorado to work for.



Denver Rubber Company is dedicated to our customers’ success by providing customized solutions and manufacturing value-added products whose performance and appearance are of the highest quality.



We will always explore every opportunity to identify the things we cannot do and expand upon the things we do well. We will always pursue growth while maintaining shareholder value profitability.



There is no substitute for integrity in things big and small. Integrity is the bedrock value upon which Denver Rubber Company is built and on which it operates. We will never ever breach our integrity nor tolerate anyone who does.

Excellence requires a commitment to being the best of the best, continuous improvement and a positive attitude to achieve ever increasing levels of performance. Excellence is not for the timid soul. It requires you to face down your own fears and dare to be the best. To stand still is to fall behind.

Hard Work
The challenge we face can only be met by hard work. Denver Rubber Company will work hard to merit its success. Every individual will know they have done their part when they have fully expended their personal energy in accomplishing their objectives.

Don’t kid yourself. You know if you are working hard.

The most important characteristic of a successful company is that its objectives are accomplished by a team. Teamwork multiplies the individual efforts of a focused group and makes their collective energies more powerful. We will operate as a team with credit accruing to the entire team. There will be no individual score cards. This is easy to say but tough to practice. We will know we are successful when others desperately want to join our team.

It doesn’t make sense to have a team if you don’t have a playbook. It is imperative that at every level of our Company, we plan our work and work our plan. Everybody has to know the plan, their part in the execution of the plan and how we are going to measure our success v. the plan. Planning is hard work.

When we all know our respective roles. When we all know the plan and we begin to aggressively execute it. It is imperative that we are accountable to each other for our performance. Accountability begins with: “I am responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen ….”

We welcome competition. It is a reality of our industry and it hones our instincts and skills. Somebody is going to come out on top. We are willing to compete with all of our energy and skill to be that somebody. If a bear wanders into our reception area, we intend to bite its
ass off. We will never be afraid to compete.

Our business is driven by customers, colleagues and shareholders. Our relationship with our customers and their satisfaction determines the ultimate success of our Company.

If we can fashion loyal customer relationships, we have an excellent chance to succeed. If we cannot, we are doomed to certain failure.

Our colleagues have invested their lives and careers in our Company. We will conduct our business affairs in a manner to deserve that awesome trust. We have a fiduciary obligation to our shareholders to operate the Company for their financial benefit. We are shareholders and we will act in our own financial interest.

Our vendors will assist us in accomplishing our objectives and we will remain fair, respectful and loyal to them. If we cannot develop a mutually loyal relationship, we will part company swiftly.

We live in a culture of full communication – full, truthful and timely. We know that people desperately desire to know everything that affects their lives. Change becomes more palatable and easier when we know immediately that it is coming. We will communicate fully and truthfully.

The good, the bad, the inconvenient. No secrets.

If we respect our customers, our colleagues and our shareholders – our required actions will become painfully obvious. We will know exactly what to do when our actions are driven solely by respect for our obligations to each of our stakeholders. When we give respect, we earn respect.

Trust is earned by the character of our actions as we execute our business plan. We will always work hard enough to accomplish our objectives and to build trust. We don’t want to do business with anyone we don’t trust or for whom trust is not an important consideration.

We will play no favorites – among our customers, our colleagues, and our vendors.

In every competitive situation, we will ensure that everyone is given a fair opportunity to succeed.

We will ensure that every transaction delivers value for our Company and our shareholders. We will extract value from and deliver value to every relationship. We will not waste our money on needless “stuff” or extravagance. Frugality does not mean diminishing quality. Quality is an investment.

The world bestows success on those who are done on time. We will endeavor to be “right” and done on time. We will not sacrifice “right” for timeliness. Most of the money in the world gets made by folks who are 80% right but done on time.

We will always try hard enough that mistakes may be made. We will never be so careful that the potential to make a mistake will evaporate. We will tolerate and learn from our mistakes. We will never become reckless but we will be daring. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

Rewards appear when you manage risk to tolerable levels. We can never remove risk — financial, personal, professional — from our business. We will never be reckless. We will take prudent risks. Sometimes we will take daring risks. Get comfortable with risk. Faint heart never won the fair maiden!

The business world and our Company are confronting the advance of technology every day. We must master the basic technology of business — computers, e-mail, the Internet — as much as we must master the mission of our Company. The future belongs to the technically competent.

In life, we manage what we measure. We will measure everything. We will measure our own performance with a dispassionate and critical yardstick. We will all become better businesspersons as we develop the ability to measure our progress with a fiercely independent candor.

Attention to Detail
If God is in the details then so is the profit. The difference between good, better and best is often the level of attention to detail which an organization supports. Let’s mine the profit by being attentive to detail.

We must never forget that a considerable element of our business is based upon charities that are involved with us in order to fund their considerable good works. Remember that our business supports charities whose work is many times infinitely more important than business. Act accordingly.

Ours is a business in which success can be measured. We will reward success. We sink or swim as a team and we are solely accountable to our shareholders – so we cannot reap a reward unless we deliver shareholder value. All rewards will always be dependent upon the realization of shareholder value.

There is no fun like success. When we have all made our individual investments to the DRC team, we will achieve our collective goals. This will all become fun. Let’s stick around until the fun appears. Then let’s have some fun.

Nothing good ever really happens until people make a commitment to something larger than themselves individually. If you’re ready, now is the time to make your commitment. Remember the “ham & egg” sandwich? Now, the chicken was a participant, but the pig — he was committed!

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