Shelf Life Associated with Rubber Products

Shelf life and using the material close to the expiration date

Using the material close to the expiration date depends on the storage conditions. Storage conditions can affect the quality and shelf life of rubber products. 

The proper storage condition for rubber products is dry and cool place which is protected from moisture, oxygen, heat, ozone, any chemicals and deformation.  The best storage temperature for rubber products is below 77°F however, below 59°F is preferable.

We do not recommend storing rubber products for long periods of time.


Shelf life vs Service life

Shelf life is an issue for storage only. But the storage conditions can affect the service life of rubber products.


Recommended shelf life of various polymers

The table below shows the recommended average shelf life generally associated with various polymers products.

This table is based on MIL-HDBK-695D Military Standardization Handbook Rubber Products: Recommended Shelf Life. 

These numbers represent average shelf life under normal dry/cool storage conditions and should be used for reference only. 

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