Self-lubricating and non-abrasive graphite sheeting is the material of choice for applications requiring high chemical resistance, excellent lubricity and unexcelled thermal conductivity. This reliable, cost effective and easy-to-install sealant is the top choice for many industrial applications including the fuel, gas and chemical industries.

Graphite sheeting can be used in static valve stems or in moving joints in systems with valves, faucets and stuffing boxes as well as in applications with watertight mechanical parts.



Denver Rubber Company graphite sheeting’s unique capabilities make it superior to compressed fiber reinforced materials in many demanding applications. It offers extreme temperature handling capabilities and is resistant to nearly all organic and inorganic fluids, with the exception of concentrated, highly oxidized acids.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Self lubricating
  • Non abrasive
  • Conforms to irregular flange sealing surfaces
  • Seals smooth and course surfaces
  • Seals with low to moderate bolt loads
  • Low creep relaxation minimizes re-torquing

Graphite sheeting is manufactured by compressing exfoliated graphite flakes into foil using a calendaring process. This locks the flakes together without binders, fiber reinforcement or other additives. These sheets are then bonded and laminated into the finished product.


Technical Specifications

Temperature ºF (ºC)Continuous Service: -328 (-200)
Maximum Service:

In air: 842 (450)

In steam: 1202 (650)

In reducing or inert media: 5432 (3000)

Availability39 x 39 in
60 x 60 in
Thickness1/64″*, 3/32″*, 1/32″, 3/16″*, 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″

*thickness available upon request

Typical Physical Properties:
Density62.4 lb/ft3
Compressibility – Tested under 5000 psi45%
Recovery – Tested under 5000 psi20%
Tensile Strength Across Grain650 psi
Creep Relaxation5%
Compressive Strength20,000 psi
Carbon Content98% minimum
Total sulfur≤750 ppm maximum
Leachable Chlorides< 30 ppm maximum



  • Refineries
  • Fuel processing
  • Chemical Manufacturing

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