Can DRC assist me with material selection based on part application?


Yes. Based on the material specifications, DRC has the knowledge and experience when selecting and providing the proper material for the application and function of your part.



I do not have dimensions or a control drawing for my part and just have the old part, how can I get quoted?


The Design and Development department at DRC has a wealth of experience in designing industrial parts for many different applications (medical, aerospace, construction, etc). For more intricate parts, we have the capability to reproduce a physical part from the provided sample with our high power camera. The high-power camera scans the sample part and creates an accurate digital file for cutting machines.



Can I provide material for a custom cut project?


Yes. If you provide your own material, DRC will design and cut your custom parts based on the most appropriate production method (slitter cutting, die cutting, water jet cutting, knife table cutting, etc).  



Can I expedite an order?


Yes. If you require your product earlier than our provided lead time, your order can be expedited with small fee added to your order. 



Can I cancel my order or make changes to my part?


Cancelation: Orders can be cancelled prior to design or release to production.

Part Change: Because DRC is an ISO certified company, any changes to the part specification require documentation for traceability. Thus, DRC’s Design and Development department needs to receive a change request via email with the changed dimensions. Design and Development will review the change request and then will apply the changes to the control drawing. The revised drawing will be sent to you to approve the requested changes. 



How do I check the status of my order?


You can contact DRC customer service via or call 303-722-2833 to check the status of your order. 



What are the Minimum Purchase requirements?


The minimum purchase requirement at DRC is $100.



What are DRC’s Freight options?


DRC can deliver to local customers for a small fee (delivering fee may be waived). Local customers can also pick up their completed orders from our Will Call. DRC also ships via UPS, FedEx, and through several freighting companies.



What Payment Terms are available?


DRC offers Net 30 days upon approval or payment in advance.



What forms of payment do you accept?


DRC will accept all forms of payment. Credit card (AMEX, VISA, Mastercard, Discover), Check, ACH/Wire and cash.



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