Skirtboard rubber stands out as a versatile material with an array of applications. Its flexibility, durability, and lightweight nature make it a go-to choice for various industrial and construction needs. From mounting pads to conveyor belt systems and sealing strips, skirtboard rubber proves its worth in diverse environments where reliability is paramount. It’s particularly adept at controlling wear on surfaces that handle solid materials and slurries, such as chutes, impact areas, and tumblers.

In addition to its industrial utility, skirtboard rubber excels in managing snowy conditions. With a squeegee-like effect, it glides over uneven surfaces, effectively removing slush and liquids to enhance road safety.

At Denver Rubber Company, we prioritize quality in our skirtboard rubber products. Unlike those manufactured from extruded skirtboard, our skirtboard products boast consistent gauge, width, and overall quality, ensuring optimal performance in every application.


Properties of Denver Rubber Company Skirtboard Rubber

Our skirtboard rubber is engineered to deliver superior performance across a range of conditions:

  • Abrasion Resistance: Our commercial blended SBR/GUM compound offers exceptional resistance to abrasion, ensuring longevity and durability even in demanding environments.
  • Broad Temperature Range: Versatile in temperatures ranging from -20°F to +170°F, our skirtboard rubber maintains its integrity and performance across a wide spectrum of temperatures.
  • Chemical and Ozone Resistance: With outstanding resistance to chemicals and ozone degradation, our skirtboard rubber maintains its properties despite harsh environmental factors.
  • Elongation and Hardness: With an elongation range of 300% to 600% and a hardness rating of 60 Durometer Shore A, our skirtboard rubber strikes the ideal balance between flexibility and strength.
  • Tensile Strength: Offering a tensile strength ranging from 500 Psi to 1000 Psi, our skirtboard rubber delivers reliable performance under varying loads.
  • Thermal Properties: With a minimum service temperature of -20°F to -25°F and a maximum service temperature of 175°F to 180°F, our skirtboard rubber maintains its integrity across a range of thermal conditions.


Applications of Skirtboard Rubber

Denver Rubber Company skirtboard rubber finds application across diverse industries and construction settings:

Mounting Pads: Ideal for providing cushioning and stability in mounting applications.

Conveyor Belt Systems: Used to enhance conveyor belt performance and durability.  

Chutes: Employed to control material flow and minimize wear in chute systems. 

Impact Areas: Protects surfaces from impact damage and wear in high-traffic areas.  

Tumblers: Provides a resilient surface for materials handling and processing equipment.

Snow Plow Applications: Facilitates efficient snow and slush removal to enhance road safety in wintry conditions.

With its versatility, durability, and reliability, Denver Rubber Company skirtboard rubber stands ready to meet the diverse needs of industrial and construction applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in every use case.

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