Gum Rubber


If you have ever been confused as to what gum rubber is then you have come to the right page. Gum Rubber a polymer of isoprene units, a hydrocarbon diene monomer, is a versatile natural material that is cost-effective, resilient and abrasion resistant. When vulcanized it will become a thermoset material.

Gum rubber has a long and fascinating background. On huge farms, a variety of gum rubber companies and agricultural lands cultivate the trees from which rubber is made. These businesses convert the sap of the “Para” rubber tree into modern parts. Whether it’s little bits or enormous gum rubber sheets, these manufacturers add to the enormous volume of goods made from elastomers.



Gum rubber is elastic, and it is considered to be a precious resource nowadays. Because of its flexibility, it can expand, absorb pressure, offer cushioning, and safeguard both humans and machines. Rubber can be protected from corrosion, which is a method that entails heating it with sulfur to reinforce the connections of the chemical molecule isoprene, which is what rubber is made of. This method would be used to produce gum rubber sheets.

Denver Rubber Company gum rubber offers many benefits for challenging applications. Inherent properties include:

  • Resistant to most acids, salts, ammonia, and alkalis chemicals
  • Pliable, formable, supple, soft and flexible
  • Cold temperature resistant
  • Maintains a high coefficient of friction during most applications
  • Shape and size memory
  • Tear resistant


Gum Rubber is a preferred choice for applications that require a flexible elastomer with great compression set, flexibility and chemical capabilities characteristics.

As research progresses and technology advances, the range of applications for gum rubber will only grow!

When someone asks you what gum rubber is, you’ll be prepared amaze them with your product knowledge! You’ll be able to educate them on the many applications of gum rubber and wow them when you explain to them how many there are. When your friends and associates want to learn more about gum rubber or buy gum rubber sheets for their house or commercial building, you’ll be the go-to guy. Let people know that there are a lot of gum rubber companies out there, but make sure to suggest your favorite for all of your rubber items!

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