Extruded Rubber Products


Extruded rubber products are custom extrusion products, from one-time special orders to high volume runs. Producing custom rubber profiles in a wide variety of sizes and shapes including cable jacketing, O-ring cord, tubing, rubber seals, squares and rectangles. With our top of the line machinery and technology we can design a rubber compound to meet specific requirements for quality and performance while minimizing cost.



Denver Rubber Company extruded rubber products are designed and engineered to meet your specific needs and applicaitons.

Compounding capabilities include Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Genuine Viton®, Natural rubber and Silicone. Custom compounding meets Military, AMS, SAE, ASTM, NSF, FDA and commercial specifications.

Rubber extrusions can be spliced and vulcanized to form an endless variety of shapes producing custom seals and gaskets for a broad array of aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, construction, food processing, industrial, oil and gas, wire and cable, as well as military applications. Once spliced, the parts are placed in molds where heat and pressure are applied to hot vulcanize the material, ensuring a long-lasting, reliable product with a stronger bond than standard adhesives.



Extruded rubber product applications include, but are not limited to, military and aerospace, architectural, and transportation and vehicles.

Military and Aerospace:

  • Aircraft door seals
  • Cable jacketing
  • Clamp cushions
  • Tubing
  • Hatch cover gaskets
  • Silo hatch seals
  • Watertight seals


  • Profile gasketing for sealing doors
  • Window glazing channels
  • Shower openings in residential and commercial building environments.

Transportation and vehicles:

  • Windshields
  • Channels and fenders
  • Camper shell boot seals.

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