An industrial plastic that can be used for a variety of applications. This plastic is created from the mixture of different substances such as silicone, phenolic, melamine, and other materials through heat and pressure. Phenolics has phenomenal resistance to heat, stress, and certain corrosive chemicals. The most typical uses for Phenolics are for insolation and other electrical applications.



In addition to their machinability, phenolic also has low water absorption and dissipation factors, corrosion resistance to a number of chemicals, and superior electrical characteristics exhibited over a wide range of temperatures and humidity. These material qualities make phenolics ideal for use in a number of fabricated parts. By using special flame retardant epoxy resins, phenolic can be given superior flame resistance.



Denver Rubber Company offers a wide variety of phenolic sheet including XX, CE, LE, and G-10 in varying gauges and sheet sizes ranging from 36” x 48” to 48” x 120”. We also carry phenolic rod and tubing with varying diameters and wall thicknesses and in lengths up to 48”.



We are prepared to meet your phenolic needs for nearly every application. Common applications for phenolics include terminal boards, antenna insulators, printed circuit boards, washers, spacers, cams, inserts, bushings, gaskets, rings, collars, switch gears, violent storm or ballistic protection, textile bobbins, lap spools and structural parts that require good impact strength or where size-to-strength ratio is critical.

We offer a full range of plastic materials to meet your needs, when you need it.

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