Nickle Coated Graphite


Nickel coated graphite is a material made from the properties of nickel and silicone rubber that offers the advantages of both materials it is typically used between metal surfaces, for electrical operations, and other sealing applications. Graphite offers good chemical resistance to corrosive environments and exhibits good initial wear and rubbing/sliding characteristics in dry applications and water applications.



Elongation: 100% minimum
Hardness Range (Durometer Shore A): 30 to 70
Tensile: 150 psi
Thermal Properties:
Temperature Range: Up to 900°F



  • Electrically conductive products – Flexible gaskets that are designed to offer shielding protection of electronic circuits against radiation. Nickel-coated graphite is used as a filler for incorporation into elastomer compounds like silicone.
  • Composite lubrication products – Performance can frequently be enhanced by adding materials such as raw graphite. Nickel-coated graphite is beneficial due to the inherent lubricating properties of the graphite core.
  • Friction dependent products – High-performance brake pads, show a double benefit with the addition of nickel-coated graphite. The graphite enhances the lubricating properties and the nickel metal element improves the heat transfer properties of the product.
  • Flame spraying – A long-term application for nickel-coated graphite particles. The coatings produced are ideal for nickel alloy or steel components, versatile in temperatures up to 896°F.

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