Custom Marine Fabrication

Custom Marine Products Designed to Perform

Since 1972, Denver Rubber Company (DRC) has manufactured precision-machined components for OEM applications, meeting and exceeding stringent requirements. Our custom marine product manufacturing services are a sought-after service within the industry. As an ISO-certified company, our expert engineering and production staff offer an on-demand and cost-effective solution to custom supply-chain needs. We specialize in fabricating marine products, including corrugated matting, anti-slip matting, marine gaskets, and window seals.

Marine Component Manufacturing Capabilities

At DRC, Our advanced computer-assisted design nesting software maximizes yields and significantly reduces expensive material waste. State-of-the-art machines produce precision machined components and repeatability within +/- 0.15mm on most materials. DRC works with the highest quality materials when manufacturing marine hardware and custom marine products.

We stock a full range of marine materials that meet requirements for strength, durability, and other harsh environmental and operational conditions. Our marine-grade materials include:

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custom marine products
Marine boat pully hook custom fabrication

Marine Parts Supplier

Denver Rubber Company has been a leader in rubber component manufacturing for over five decades. Our expertise as a marine parts supplier is unparalleled when it comes to crafting custom solutions for marine applications, providing customers with exemplary service, and timely delivery of parts. DRC utilizes the latest technology to create precision parts from prototypes to large-scale production runs efficiently and accurately.

Our state-of-the-art facility has a 32,000-foot production floor and features five knife cutters, three waterjets, two beam presses, two clicker presses, two automatic press machines, a CNC router, and a slitter. Our fabrication capabilities represent the optimal die-less cutting and punching for custom products. 

The DRC team’s expertise and industry knowledge, combined with cutting-edge technology, deliver exceptional custom industrial parts for marine clients.

Custom Fabrication and Design for Marine Parts

DRC can meet the exact specifications and expectations if a custom component design is needed. We provide full-service support for custom projects, including:

  • Initial design
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Design prototypes
  • Tooling acquisition
  • High-volume production

We can provide components and parts to meet various needs of the marine industry. Below is a list of marine applications that benefit from custom precision machined components. 

  • Ocean & Lake Freighters
  • Cruise Ships
  • Yachts
  • Submarines & Ships
  • Commercial Fishing Vessels

DRC is at the forefront of marine equipment development, committed to producing extremely durable and dependable components that meet industry demands. We strive for excellence in every aspect: quality parts designed with endurance and productivity in mind – all manufactured according to exacting standards!

custom marine fabrication

Exemplary Customer Service

Choosing the proper manufacturer for your marine parts needs is crucial. Since 1972, Denver Rubber Company has offered unsurpassed quality and proactive customer service. 


DRC is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To attain this certification, DRC complies with strict, international quality standards to ensure customers consistently receive high-quality products and services.


Our trained staff offers customers innovative solutions with fast turn-around. In addition, our large stock of materials allows us to manufacture marine parts continuously.


Our cutting-edge machinery ensures every product is crafted with custom precision and superior quality. With in-house design services and comprehensive project planning, we offer OEM customers unbeatable value without sacrificing efficiency.

A Trusted Provider of Custom Marine Products