PVC Belting

PVC Belting

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a durable plastic that’s widely used as a substitute for rubber in many applications. Because of its reliable performance, PVC is commonly used to make industrial belts, commonly known as conveyor and processing belts.

Manufacturers add plasticizers to PVC for applications that require a softer, more flexible plastic. This allows it to be used to make clothing and upholstery fabric, electrical cable insulation, inflatable boats and pool toys and other products.



PVC belts are a durable, economic choice for a wide range of applications. Denver Rubber Company offers high-quality medium-duty and heavy-duty PVC belt products for a wide range of uses, including bulk handling and wood products belts to gravel, sand, scrap, vertical elevator and heavy stamping applications.

Our heavy-duty belts are ideal for applications that require higher tensions to support wide loads.

We can match you with the PVC belt that will meet your specific needs. All of our PVC belt products meet the highest standards.

    • Good chemical resistance, including chlorine
    • Resistance to hot water and steam (hydrolysis resistant)
    • UV radiation resistant
    • Low flexibility at low temperatures
    • Limited abrasion resistance
    • Limited resistance to solvents, oil and grease
    • Flame-retardant and anti-static versions are available
    • Food-compliant versions are available
    • Heavy duty belts feature thick, durable covers that resist gouging, high impacts and cutting

Interwoven 200# Polyester Black PVC SPECIFICATIONS

  • Ply: 1
  • Working Tension: 200
  • Color: Black
  • Compound: PVC
  • Carcass: Interwoven Polyester
  • Top Surface: Cover
  • Bottom Surface: Cover
  • Thickness / Overall Gauge: 0.25″
  • Weight (PIW): 0.14
  • Elongation @ 100%: 1-2%
  • Minimum Pulley: 4″
  • Temperature Range: 0°F to 180°F
  • Oil Resistant: No


4-Ply 440# 1/4 x 1/16 Grade 4 SPECIFICATIONS

  • Ply: 4
  • Working Tension: 440
  • Color: Black
  • Compound: SBR
  • Carcass: Polyester/Nylon
  • Top Surface: Smooth
  • Bottom Surface: Smooth
  • Thickness / Overall Gauge: 0.5625″
  • Weight (PIW): 0.28
  • Elongation @ 100%: 1-2%
  • Minimum Pulley: 20″
  • Temperature Range: -25°F to 225°F
  • Oil Resistant: No
  • Durometer: 60 +/- 5



  • Conveyor and processing belts
  • Profiles and cleats

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