Fluorosilicone Rubber

A frequent name for Fluorosilicone, a synthetic material not manufactured from natural rubber, is Fluorosilicone rubber.

Fluorosilicone has excellent resistance to extreme high and low temperatures. It has outstanding resistance to UV, Ozone, Oxidation, and Weathering. Fluorosilicone has premium fuel and solvent, and other harsh chemical resistance and is capable of meeting MIL-DTL-25988 for aeronautical and aerospace applications.

Fluorosilicone rubber is typically used in gasket applications where silicone rubber’s wide range of temperature range, corrosion resistance, and opposition to gases, cooling systems, and solvents that would destroy silicone rubber are required.

Fluorosilicone rubber has excellent climate and age resistance; even after several years of exposure, it still exhibits favorable characteristics. Ozone is one of the most frequent gases created as elastomers age, however neither dynamic nor fixed tests revealed any fissures in fluorosilicone rubber.

Fluorosilicone vs. Silicone

Silicone is renowned for its low pressure set properties and elasticity at high temperatures. The outstanding temperature tolerance and stability characteristics of silicone are also present in fluorosilicone. 

However, fluorosilicone rubber differs from silicone rubber in that it provides further advantages and somewhat various mechanical qualities that make it an attractive elastomer for particular sectors. Due to their weak erosion resistance and high friction properties, silicone and fluorosilicone are both constrained. They are not suggested for dynamic sealing due to these limitations. 


  • Excellent Compression Set Resistance
  • Exceptional Fuel and Solvent Resistance

  • Resistance to Extreme High and Low Temperatures

  • Outstanding Resistance to UV, Ozone, Oxidation and Weathering

  • MIL-R-25988 & MIL-DTL-25988

  • MIL-R-6130

Physical Properties 

Elongation: 250% – 500%

Tensile: 1000% – 1250%

Durometer (Shore A): 40 – 70


Thermal Properties

Minimum Service Temperature: -65°F

Maximum Service Temperature: 500°F


  • Store in a cool, dry place with temperature below 75°F.

  • Keep away from direct heat or open flames.

  • Avoid contact with solvents or other fluids.

  • Do not store in direct sunlight.

  • Keep products wrapped or sealed to minimize the absorption of moisture.

  • Store in a relaxed condition free from tension, compression, or other deformation.

Benefits of Fluorosilicone Rubber

Fluorosilicone is frequently employed in the following applications, which frequently take place in extremely severe settings, because of its exceptional resistant qualities. Fluorosilicone Rubber remains elastic and springy in conditions that would obliterate many comparable materials.

Fire, temperature, corrosion, ozone, silicate hydraulic fluids, alkaline solutions, liquor, and synthetic lubricants are all things that fluorosilicone is highly resistant to.

Common Uses of Fluorosilicone Rubber

While Fluorosilicone materials have long been employed in the automobile and aerospace sectors, they are now found widespread trust in the medical and drug fields. Fluorosilicone is particularly well suited for the aerospace industry, as well as many applications in other fields due to its increased resistance to microbial contamination, adaptability for exposure to the body, and simplicity. These applications include O Rings, medical tubing, air pump valves, fuel line seals, etc.

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