Metallic Gaskets


Denver Rubber Company is pleased to announce the purchase of the WardJet 5-AXIS WATERJET CUTTING
With recent advances in control and motion technology, 5-Axis CNC waterjet cutting (abrasive and pure water) has become a reality. Where the normal axis on a water jet are named X (back/forth), Y (left/right) and Z (up/down), a 5-Axis system will add an additional A-axis (angle from perpendicular) and C-axis (rotation around the Z-axis).


  • 5-Axis cutting opens up 3 dimensional cutting abilities at angles from 0° to 90°
  • Speeds can be up to 2,000 in/min
  • Capacity of 12″ to 24″ vertical travel on Z-axis
  • Positioning accuracies of ± 0.0166 degrees (± 1 arc minute) make the Infini Winder the most accurate 5-Axis cutting head
  • Wide Cutting Angle: From 0° vertical to 90° horizontal.


Denver Rubber Company designs and manufactures metallic gaskets used in a diverse line of industries including transportation, technology, light and heavy manufacturing and more.

DRC manufactures a complete line of metallic gaskets including solid metal, ring joint, jacketed, spiral wound and corrugated gaskets. We work with a wide range of alloys and deliver gaskets that can handle even the most chemically aggressive applications and harsh environments.

We continually invest in capital equipment to ensure we offer the most technologically advanced equipment and processes. The depth of our experience allows us to provide high-quality metallic gaskets that meet your precise specifications and delivery requirements.

The dedicated quality control team at DRC ensures we meet the exacting needs of every customer. Our certified engineers work with customers to design and manufacture cost-effective gasket products to help customers meet their needs and goals.

We work hard to maintain our reputation as the manufacturer of choice for custom gaskets. Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality gaskets, delivered in a reasonable time at a fair price.

Our experienced staff is available to assist you with any metallic gasket questions. Contact us today to discuss your needs and specifications.



Denver Rubber Company has over 40 years' of experience, uses the latest technologies and manufacturers in a wide range of materials. Get what you need when you need it.



Rubber & Elastomeric

Denver Rubber Company offers economical solutions to any sheet rubber and elastomerics challenges at a cost effective price.

Felt & Fiber

At Denver Rubber Company, the manufacturing of felt and fiber custom gaskets is one of our areas of expertise. We are innovators in the industry due to our depth of knowledge.

Rubber Seals & Gaskets

Denver Rubber Company endeavors to provide the highest quality packings, gaskets and sealing products. With more than 30 years of experience serving a diverse line of industries.

Sponge & Foam

Denver Rubber Company (DRC) is a custom gasket manufacturer and sponge/foam supplier to a diverse field of industrial and OEM markets.


An innovator in the manufacturing of custom plastic gaskets and seals, our research and development has provided us the knowledge to manufacture in a variety of materials.


DRC designs and manufactures metallic gaskets often used in a diverse line of industries including transportation, technology, heavy/light manufacturing and more.

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