Rubber Expansion Joints


Rubber expansion joints are ideal for applications that require flexible, lightweight connectors. Also known as movement joints, they’re specially designed to handle vibrations and temperature-induced expansions that can cause other connectors to fail prematurely.

Manufactured from rubber or synthetic elastomers and reinforced with fabric or rubber for added durability, expansion joints are found on wide range of applications, from air handling systems and scrubbers to silos and bowl feeders.

Expansion joints help solve problems such as: 

  • Stresses – expansion joints absorb movement due to thermal expansion and contraction of ducting
  • Misalignment – the lightweight and highly flexible nature of the expansion joints installs easily and compensates for installation tolerances in duct alignment, or for movement and settling over time
  • Noise – transmission of sound is reduced as the expansion joint acts as a dampener and absorbs the noise levels
  • Vibration – rubber expansion joints significantly reduce vibration when installed in proper locations and are not subject to metal fatigue failure



Denver Rubber Company expansion joints offer benefits in challenging applications, including:

  • Noise and vibration reduction. Expansion joints absorb and dampen noise levels and can significantly reduce vibrations.
  • Compensation for misalignment and expansion. These flexible connectors can compensate for movement, settling and misaligned ducts and temperature-induced expansions.
  • Stress relief. Their unique design reduces stress in applications subject to movement, vibrations and temperature fluctuations.
  • Leak prevention. Expansion joints can prevent leaks, contamination and loss of material.
  • Chemical resistance. Denver Rubber Company’s rubber compounds offer superior resistance to chemicals and materials.



Rubber expansion joints are ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Railways and bridges
  • Powerplants
  • Wastewater sewage
  • Pollution control systems

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