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Mass Transit Parts Manufacturer

Since 1972, Denver Rubber Company (DRC) has been a trusted provider of precision machining services. Our expertise extends to a wide range of OEM applications, including mass transit parts. As an ISO-certified business, we are committed to delivering high-quality custom parts that meet the precise needs of each customer. And, with our competitive pricing, you can trust that you’re getting the best value for your investment.

Bus, Train, and Rapid Transit Parts

At DRC, we specialize in delivering quality custom parts for mass transit applications, including bus, train, and light rail. Utilizing our cutting-edge computer-assisted design nesting software, we guarantee maximum productivity with minimal material waste. Our state-of-the-art machinery produces precision machined components, meeting stringent specifications of +/- 0.15mm for most production materials.

We only use the highest quality materials in our manufacturing process that meet requirements for strength, durability, and other operational conditions. We specialize in a variety of materials for the mass transit industry, including, low smoke, low flame, and low toxicity rubber, mass transit gaskets, door seals, and a variety of hoses.

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Repair Parts for Mass Transit

You can count on Denver Rubber Company for any custom mass transit manufacturing needs. With our advanced technology and modern 32,000-square-foot production facility, we are able to provide customers with unmatched precision in both prototypes and large-scale production runs. Our extensive equipment includes five knife cutters, three waterjets, two beam presses, two clicker presses, and a roll slitter. Additionally, our innovative die-less punching capabilities ensure that we can create perfectly tailored products to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Custom Made-to-Order Components for Mass Transit

DRC can meet the exact specifications and expectations if a custom component design is needed. We provide full-service support for custom projects, including:

  • Initial design
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Design prototypes
  • Tooling acquisition
  • High-volume production

We can provide components and parts to meet various needs of the mining industry. Below are a few ideas for mining applications that benefit from custom precision machined components.

  • Light Rail
  • Tram
  • Ferries
  • Buses
  • Rail Cars
  • Commuter Rail
  • Subway

DRC is at the forefront of transit component fabrication, producing components that are unrivaled in durability and reliability. Our commitment to excellence allows us to manufacture parts with endurance and productivity in mind – all strictly crafted to exact standards.

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Exemplary Customer Service

Choosing the proper manufacturer for your mining parts needs is crucial. Since 1972, Denver Rubber Company has offered unsurpassed quality and proactive customer service for mining OEMs. 


DRC is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To attain this certification, DRC complies with strict, international quality standards to ensure customers consistently receive high-quality products and services.


Our trained staff offers customers innovative solutions with fast turn-around. In addition, our large stock of materials allows us to manufacture mining parts continuously.


Our innovative state-of-the-art equipment guarantees every item is developed with unique precision and exceptional craftsmanship. We offer OEM customers competitive services, encompassing design solutions complemented by meticulous project management – without compromising efficiency or quality standards.

A Trusted Partner in Mining Parts Fabrication