Open Cell Sponge

Open Cell Sponge

Open cell sponge is a material derived from other products such as neoprene. Open-cell foams contain pores that are connected to each other and form an interconnected network that is relatively soft. Open-cell foams will fill with whatever they are surrounded with. If filled with air, a relatively good insulator is the result, but if the open cells fill with water, insulation properties would be reduced. This material can resist oil, ozone, and can be used in cold temperatures



  • Less durable than closed-cell sponge material
  • Increased flexibility
  • Easily conforms to sealing applications due to its ability to compress like a spring.



Good compressibility, elasticity, absorbency and surface adhesion make this type of material uniquely suited for industrial cushioning, sound absorption, environmental dust & dirt seals, space fillers, mechanical vibration dampening, air filters, thermal barriers and insulating, and shock absorbing padding.

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