Few things are as infuriating as paying for expensive raw materials that are wasted and left unusable during production. Denver Rubber Company keeps waste to a minimum with its PRECO die cutting machine. The PRECO die cutter is equipped with advanced software that determines the most efficient use of materials. The process is done by positioning cuts close to one another, which greatly reduces waste when compared to standard die cutting machines.

The PRECO machine makes highly precise cuts, making it perfect for custom and standard projects. DRC currently utilizes a high tech PRECO machine to supply the best and most efficient solution for your custom rubber project. They have recently purchased six more PRECO machines that will be set up to run soon.  With the new investment, DRC will keep the high quality and save more time and materials on mass production for its customers.

You can rely on our highly skilled operators and quality equipment to give you the high-quality products you want and deserve. Contact us today to request a quote and to learn more about the PRECO die cutting machine’s capabilities.