The aerospace industry in the Denver area is experiencing unprecedented growth, making it a hub for innovation and technological advancement. With a surge in companies like Blue Origin, Orbit Fab, and Voyager Space, just to name a few, expanding their operations, the demand for cutting-edge aerospace materials and solutions is growing. Denver Rubber Company is proud to offer critical components like EMI shielding, which is used in many custom-build projects for local and national aerospace companies.

Denver’s Aerospace Boom

Denver’s aerospace sector has witnessed remarkable growth; according to a CNBC Analysis, the aerospace industry grew 88% over the past two decades. The region now boasts more private aerospace employees per capita than any other state, indicating its status as a burgeoning aerospace hub. CNBC reports that the Colorado Space Coalition lists 191 aerospace businesses supporting 29,000 jobs. Aerospace companies relocating to the area are drawn to Denver’s skilled workforce and conducive business environment.

Custom Materials for Aerospace Innovation

Innovation in the aerospace industry requires rigorous testing and precision-engineered components. Denver Rubber Company understands the unique challenges faced by aerospace companies and offers a comprehensive range of services to support their innovation journey. From prototyping to full-scale production, we specialize in designing custom materials that meet the stringent requirements of aerospace applications.

Custom Prototype Design Process for Aerospace Engineers

Innovation includes testing, testing, and more testing. At Denver Rubber Company, we understand the testing process and specs needed to design the small parts that drive big ideas.

We offer a full range of services for aerospace companies, from prototyping to full production. Our custom capabilities can meet tolerances and specific requirements to ensure every flight gets launched into orbit.

Our prototype design process begins with the following:

  • Identifying the most suitable materials for the project, considering factors such as function, application exposures, and regulatory requirements. 
  • We then recommend cost-effective compositional options and determine the best production processes, ensuring optimal functionality, efficiency, and timeliness. 
  • Collaboration with our clients is integral to the process, allowing us to create electronic models and fully defined control drawings that meet the project’s specifications.

MIL-SPEC EMI Shielding Materials

EMI shielding is a crucial component of aerospace technology, protecting sensitive electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference. Denver Rubber Company offers a wide range of MIL-SPEC EMI shielding materials tailored to meet the diverse needs of aerospace clients. 

Discover the detailed specs on each type of EMI Shielding listed below.

  • TYPE A – Silver-plated, Copper-filled Silicone
  • TYPE B – Silver-plated, Copper-filled Silicone
  • TYPE C – Silver-plated, Copper-filled Fluorosilicone
  • TYPE D – Silver-plated, Aluminum-filled Fluorosilicone
  • TYPE E – Pure Silver-filled Silicone
  • TYPE F – Pure Silver-filled Fluorosilicone
  • Type H – Pure Silver-filled Silicone
  • TYPE K – Silver-plated, Copper-filled Silicone
  • TYPE L – Silver-plated, Nickel-filled Silicone
  • TYPE M – Silver-plated, Glass-filled Silicone
  • Carbon Filled Silicone
  • Nickel-plated, Graphite-filled Silicone
  • Nickel-plated, Graphite-filled Fluorosilicone

Local Expertise for Out of this World Impact

At Denver Rubber Company, we take pride in serving the growing aerospace industry within Colorado. With our state-of-the-art facility spanning 35,000 square feet, we offer our clients local expertise and personalized service. Whether you’re prototyping a new aerospace component or seeking high-volume production solutions, we are committed to delivering excellence every step of the way.

As Denver’s aerospace industry continues to soar to new heights, Denver Rubber Company remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that propel aerospace innovation forward. Partner with us for your next custom aerospace project, and let’s shape the future of aerospace technology together.

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