Tips to Improve Industrial Gasket Designs

Make Gasket Design a Priority

All too often the design of industrial gaskets comes as an afterthought. Yet with a bit of preplanning, gasket design can occur at the start of the product design process, resulting in a well-thought-out design that gets the best performance out of industrial gaskets and gasket materials.

Machine Design offers the following tips to help engineers and product designers create functional, high-performing industrial gaskets. They outline a four-step gasket design strategy that saves time, money and results in high-quality gaskets that meet the needs of the application.


What will the gasket be expected to do? Define how the gasket will be used and the operating environment that the gasket will be used in. Considerations include:

  • The gasket’s function
  • Pressure requirements
  • Chemical resistance
  • Electrical or heat insulation
  • Weather exposure
  • Regulatory requirements (NEMA, IEC, UL, FDA, etc.)


With so many available materials, choosing the best one for your application can be daunting. Properties to consider include:

  • Durometer hardness
  • Compression force deflection
  • Polymer cellularity
  • Operating environment
  • Cost

Mechanical Factors

Mechanical factors include:

  • Gasket thickness
  • Compression limits
  • Housing rigidity
  • Fastener pattern


How a gasket is manufactured can have an effect on its overall cost and can sometimes affect the gasket’s tolerances. For example, shorter-run orders can often be cut using waterjet cutting. Yet higher production runs often rely on die cutting, molding or slitting.

Also, will the gasket require adhesive backings, etc.? These can all affect the type of production method used.

DRC Offers Design Help and Expertise

Designing a new part can be a daunting task. Denver Rubber Company can help. From selecting the right material and creating a design that provides optimum performance to choosing the right manufacturing method, our team of experts has the knowledge to provide the right solution to meet your gasket, seal or extruded rubber needs.

Since its founding in 1972, Denver Rubber Company has been the “go to” company for expert design and implementation. Our full-service support includes initial design and conceptual drawings, prototypes, tooling acquisition and high-volume production.

In addition, our extensive materials inventory assures a quick turn-around in most applications. And our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures high-quality products every time.

Whether you’re an engineer, equipment designer or a design rookie, Denver Rubber Company has the skills and knowledge to ensure a smooth, worry-free design process.

Contact DRC today to learn how we can help you with your next project.

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